6 Ways to Care for Your Lawn

Lawn upfront your house or at the backyard is a nice place to wrestle with your small kids or play with your pets. It can be really fun, but even if you do not play in it, the lawn must be kept clean and nice. One season to another, lawn is easily spoiled with a lot of factors, including shoe and foot prints, insects, sun, and weather changes. So, how can you deal with all of those things? Do you just let the beautiful landscape of your house be scratched that easy? An unattractive lawn can make the entire area look bad. Here are six ways on how to take good care of your home lawn.

1. Water Regularly

Though they are only short blades of grass, the lawn needs to get moisture most of the time. Watering it is still a key in taking care of your home lawn, regardless of how spacious or little it is. If you haven’t, install a water system around your lawn to keep it moist. Every home owner with a lawn must have this.

2. Familiarize Warning Signs

There are indications whether a lawn needs extra attention or not. You must know if is under distress due to climate or atmospheric conditions, unintentional negligence, infestation of insects, and others. Give time for yourself to notice any warning sign that may cause problem, to solve it before it gets worse. This is also the best solution to prevent having uncontrolled or difficult lawn issues.

3. Install a Foot Path

It is much better if you have a space for walking to and from your house. It is helpful if you keep foot traffic away from the green grass. It lessens the factor of having your lawn destroyed, or at least prolongs its beautiful look and healthy condition.

4. Spray Insecticides and Add Fertilizer

To avoid bugs, ants, and other types of insects that may infest and live within your lawn, use insecticides. You do not have to regularly spray around the area. Just keep the insects off whenever needed, especially during the season or time they swarm. Make certain that the insecticides to use are safe, which means not toxic or harmful to your health, children’s health and pets.

It is also essential to use the right fertilizer. If you live in a place in which you experience different seasons, there are various types of fertilizers used. To keep your lawn in the winter, you use a different fertilizer, and not the same thing you utilize during the summer season.

5. Add Herbs, Shrubs and Flowers

Do not just have a lawn that is plain and neat. Include other green stuff near your front porch or backyard with flowers, shrubs and herbs. They make a pleasant view, and most importantly, keep people from walking around it. It does make your home even more attractive, greener and eco-friendlier. It adds a good flow of fresh air around your air and in the nearby surroundings.

6. Hire a Lawn Care Service

A local business that offers lawn care should be available in your place. You need to get one for some serious matters in regards to your lawn. You may need to have your soil tested and see if it is a factor that keeps your grass from growing or getting green. They also perform other cleaning and maintenance jobs that make your lawn look better. You need to pay attention and ask questions when they make their assignments. Any problem that you cannot solve on your own must be taken care of by a professional.

Additional Lawn Care Tips

Some issues of lawn and landscaping do not happen until after a few months or a year or more. There are also times in which signs are not easily noticed until the condition has become worse. That’s why homeowners must be able to be aware of common factors that bring lawn problems.

A regular maintenance that you can perform or conducted by professionals is necessary. You must try doing that more often, most especially if you have a very spacious area. Lawn like that is a good setting for some casual picnic, Thanksgiving dinner, wedding rehearsal, birthday, and other gatherings with your family and friends.



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