6 Tips that Help You Maintain the Quality and Thick Texture of Your Carpet

Carpet is an item that is very common in many homes, and even in offices and other commercial establishments. This requires high maintenance. Otherwise, the quality of the carpet is reduced. Good news is that you can learn ways on how to keep your carpet clean, fresh, and useful for a long time.

Remember that cleaning is not just removing dust, debris, and other particles that are on the surface. Sometimes, it needs deep extraction to make sure not a single particle is left behind. Here are six things that you must know in order to have an effective and successful carpet cleaning.

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1. Vacuum Daily

Dirt and other debris are always collected into a carpet. People in your house get to walk to and fro. That calls for daily vacuuming. If you do not have time to do so, an automatic robotic vacuum can help you do the job. This is not expensive at all and very compact. Remember that frequent vacuuming can sustain the quality and prolong the use of carpet.

2. Deeply Clean

Vacuuming is not just trying to clear debris that is easily sucked on. There are certain areas that can be vacuumed for a longer period of time. These may be difficult to vacuum. Plus, hard to reach areas should not be missed. So, when you vacuum, take time to deeply vacuum several times before moving to the next area.

3. Apply Soil Retardants

After vacuuming, it is best that you apply soil retardants. This helps to keep the good texture and high quality of your carpet. Make sure that you follow the instructions of the product. This is usually done with the right tool.

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4. Use Green Cleaners

Harmful chemicals are something you must also address in terms of carpet cleaning. The type of cleaning solutions you use must not only effective in removing particles. It must also provide good effects to the health. If you use a product that contains toxic ingredients, it has the potential to create an indoor pollution. Instead, use an eco-friendly or green cleaner for carpet.

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5. Fight Odor

You also need to remove any fume that is produced by the particles and stains from your carpet. Odor is something to get rid of when cleaning. To avoid wasting your time, add some baking soda into the bag of your vacuum. This is an environmentally friendly ingredient that is effective in eliminating odors.

6. Remove Stains and Spills

It is also vital to wash out spots and stains. In fact, fumes are caused by spills on the carpet. It is also how bacteria are buildup causing a more danger right in your home. Anyway, stains are not easily removed by vacuuming alone. You have to scrape the affected area with the right cleaning solution on a cloth. Be sure to use the best stain remover in carpets to avoid discoloring or damaging it. One other thing is that you remove any stain as soon as it is spilled or once you see it. It can be difficult to wipe out spots if they have been dried for so long.

For anything else, a professional carpet cleaning team is a good option. There is a need to consult cleaning by professionals once or twice a week. This is also one way to maintain the good, rich quality of your carpet. Nevertheless, it is always the homeowner’s job to do everything to keep the carpet usable, odor-free, spotless, and clean. That said, you must put these six cleaning tips in mind.



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