5 Common Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends

It is true that “no man is an island”, unless you are anti-social who does not want to have any friends. We usually do not plan to make friends because they come when we least expect it. We meet friends from school, work, and not to mention the people we know since kindergarten. Whether they are long time or new friends, if you want to remain connected, do the most basic things. Here are some reminders that you must do as regularly as possible.

1. Call or Text


Cellphones are not new anymore, while telephones are still widely used. Those are intentionally made for connection, so why take a 5 minute or more to ask the day of your friends? You can leave a text message that you miss them and if possible you can meet on the weekends or during the non-working holiday.

2. Meet Up

Meet Up

They surely pretty are busy with their jobs, families and other things, but mingling for a drink at night won’t be a bad idea. You do have some days off and maybe a lunch together, whether they are at work or not, can help rekindle your relationship and create more simple but good and priceless moments. Sharing a laugh together and just talking about anything defines true friendship.

3. Send Mails

Send Mails

There are circumstances that make you and your friends separate. Friends in high school go to different colleges. Some go out of town, while others leave the country for the hope of a better degree and future. College buddies maybe separate due to work. But no matter how many miles apart, you can send letters that you mail to their address.

With the advancement of technology these days, emailing is another option, which is more referred because it is much easier and faster. In fact, you get more response when you exchange emails. But know the fact that hand written notes and letters are more intimate or personal that friends can keep in their drawer.

4. Give Cards

Give Cards

If you cannot make a weekly email or phone call, you must at least remember their special days. True friends do remember the birthdays of their buddies. You may have received good news of their promotion or an invitation of their wedding. You need to remember those special dates and send a greeting card with a bouquet of flowers.

5. Plan a Short Escapade


It is also a great idea to have a vacation together even just for a few days once a year. You can plan together where to hike this time, hunt deer, discover cultural foods in another country, or a simple weekend overnights nearby. This helps you make your keep your friends, because when you have time together, it keeps the bond stronger.

Remember that friends knowing they are in your thoughts can make them smile and be reminded that you are one of those loyal, true friends. No matter how different the paths you take, you must be able to keep in touch with them.

The list above is how you can stay reconnected with your friends, whether they have their own families and busy with their own careers. For sure, you want to be treated the same, that through happy and bad moments, they are still the people you cling on to.

What you must do now is to make letters or open your email and send a short “how are you”. Mark the calendar to remember special days and also dates for meet-ups or getaways. The bottom line here is that you do not forget to say hi to each and every one of your buddies.



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