4 Winter Sports as Exercise

Winters are not the time to get cozy under the blanket and watch TV shows all day long. While the sun may be away for many hours or even the entire day, this should not stop you from getting active. You have to keep your body healthy and in shape by doing something that makes you sweat and stretch those legs. Plus, you need to feel warm during this chilly, cold temperature, or you’ll get sick not sooner or later. Thus, winter sports are a good solution. These are actually forms of exercises that you must consider doing.

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1. Sledding

Riding on a sled is certainly enjoyable. You feel the thrill and excitement as you are forced down on the snowy hill. That feeling is more fun if the pathway is much longer. But before you hop on one, ensure that you secure your safety. It is necessary that you wear pads for your elbows and knees, and helmet for your head. Do not forget that a winter outfit, including thick jackets, mittens or gloves and boots, can help protect you from scratches. Lastly, use a professionally made sled, not homemade ore recyclable ones, or else you’re putting yourself into danger.

When planning to sled, pick a spot that is really intended for that. Do not just sled down through a path just because it looks sloping. You also check if the hill is steep or not. You must never attempt to sled if it is extremely steep. Another thing is to make sure the entire hill from the top to bottom is covered in thick solid snow. It would be dangerous if it has ice underneath it, just after a few inches or feet from the surface.

The position is as important as the sled or gears in terms of safety. You keep in mind to sit up facing forward, or down, when you hop on the sled. Never lie down or sit with the back facing forward. It is not advisable to stand as well because this is not surfing.

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2. Skiing

Skiing is an exciting winter activity, too. But this is not necessarily played by a professional skier. Anyone, including children, can ski as long as the proper equipment and gears, including ski poles, are available to use. Take not that there are different sizes of skis, particularly the boots, which are actually attachable on the board. You have to first find out your size and which one is more appropriate for you.

Likewise, it is safe to use a helmet, goggles, gloves and ski outfits. Be sure to wear elbow and knee pads as well. You need to fully gear up before you go out in the snow to ski.

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3. Snowboarding

Snowboard is another common winter sports that you can do during the coldest season of the year. This is actually similar to skiing, except that you rely only on the board, without the poles. Somehow, this has the same thrilling effect as skiing.

The outfit to wear is also similar to the ones used for skiing. So, make certain that you have goggles on, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet.

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4. Skating

Skating on ice is really fun to children, but this is not just made for young people. Even adults can enjoy the moment of dancing and moving around ice. You do not need to do some spins in the air to enjoy this game. Just several minutes to get stretchy and sweaty with a pair of skating boots should keep you warm. It is still a good form of exercise during winter. Besides, this is much easier to do unlike skiing or snowboarding. You won’t even have to worry about balance as there are skating boots with four wheels (double-wheel).

The best place where you can skate is on ponds or lakes that have been frozen. However, ensure that they are officially approved and recommended for skating. You do not want to be trapped in an ice, cold water.

For the attire, it does not have to be fully and thickly covered. You need to easily move, so wear something much lighter. If you are a woman, you can don on a skirt instead of the snow pants. If you are a guy, you can wear snow gears but not that very thick.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember to wear the proper sports attire and tools recommended. Do not just settle for something cheap, but rather check the quality to ensure the safety you need. This is supposed to be a fun and healthy activity, and it is not something that is risky, which may have a bad effect to you physically. For anything else, just seize the moment while you are out in the snow with your family or friends.



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