10 Ways to Make Kids Have Extra Money from Home

If you have a kid or children with age 9 to 13, they can actually start making income right in and nearby your house! There is nothing wrong with making a little cash during weekends, summer or anytime of the week, as long as it does not bother them with their studies. Nevertheless, here are suggestions of how children can make money.


1. Do House Chores

You can help them earn money by doing basic chores at home. You can add their weekly allowance $5 a day everytime they help with the washing of the dishes and car, watering the plants, cleaning the house, etc. You can assign regular house chores for your kids to do and give them their money after every completed assignment or on a weekly basis.

Sell Glasses of Lemonade

2. Sell Lemonade or Apple Juice

It is common for kids to sell glasses of lemonade or other juices like apple, especially during summer. You can encourage your kids to do this if they need some extra cash. No need for permit, just give them a spot at your front yard and they can sell anytime of the day.

3. Help Neighbors

You may also allow your kids to do some errands for your neighbors. They can help clean their pools, rake the leaves off their yard, paint the new fences, take care of the lawn, wash cars, shovel the sidewalk, etc.

4. Baby or Pet Sit

There are also neighbors who entrust their young children to be looked after by an older boy or girl. One of your kids may already do that. If not children, they can walk the neighbor’s dogs or bathe them.

5. Tutor Younger Kids

Helping younger children with their homeworks is also a nice idea for your own kids to get extra money. For instance, if your kid is a sixth grader, he or she can teach first to third graders, especially if your child is really good in certain school subjects. Or, it may be a musical instrument lesson that he or she can tutor with the neighbor’s kid.

6. Re-Sell Items Online

Old t-shirts, toys, books, electronic devices, and other personal stuff owned by your kids can be sold on the Internet. They can get extra real cash by doing this. There’s the eBay.com where they can re-sell anything as long as it is still useful and functional.

7. Have a Garage Sale

If online selling may not be a quick way to get money, especially if it is urgent, you can help host a garage sale. While your kids can display their stuff, you can also showcase and sell your old furniture. Neighbors and friends can be your best potential buyers.

8. Recycle Materials

Junk shops and recycling centers buy materials that can be recycled and re-used. They accept anything from soda cans to plastic bottles, scratched fabric to old newspapers. You can tell your children to gather all those junks and sell them to a nearby place that accepts recyclable materials. They may also collect your neighbor’s junks, which can give them extra cash.

9. Write a Children’s Book

If your kids are good in telling a story, they can start writing their own book. You can be the chief in editor before having them published online or submitted to a local publishing company. This may be a gamble as not all stories written by children are approved, but there’s a potential especially if you know your child’s capability. Anyhow, selling digital books online is as easy as having a book published in hard copies.

Piggy Banks

10. Earn from Allowance

It is also helpful to have extra cash if children know how to earn money. They can save some of their weekly or monthly allowance by storing them into their piggy banks. This is something every child must do regardless of their age, so they have cash to use whenever they want to buy anything, especially when special occasions or holidays occur.

Boys and girls can start earning and making money at a young age. The suggested means of getting cash are not illegal or dangerous. They can certainly save some cash from doing one or some of those things.



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