10 Tips to Remember when Camping

Camping is a fun, exciting and adventurous activity for grade schoolers, teenagers and adults. Whether this is a family gathering or an escapade with your buddies, there are several essential tips that you must remember when it comes to camping.

1. Choose a Durable Tent

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There are many camping tents available to choose from but not all are recommended. There are tents for children and for older persons. It simply implies that you choose the right tent that is right for your age and size. It must be able to handle wet days and not easily destroyed by the wind.

2. Try the Tent and Sleeping Bag at Your Backyard

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This is important for you to check whether the tent and its parts are properly working. It also helps you assemble and disassemble the tent. This is a must most especially if this is your first time to camp out using a tent.

You also examine your sleeping bag. It must provide you warmth and comfort. Make sure to bring a pump to inflate this stuff.

It would be really better if you try to sleep using this and the tent one night at your own place. This should give you an idea of what is like to sleep using these camping gears.

3. Choose a Safe Spot for Camping

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Beginners are recommended to have their camp trip close to their homes. In case you forget something or there is an emergency you have to attend to, you can easily go back to your place. It must be also a camping site that has been approved by your state or region. Never go to a place where camping is prohibited.

4. Pack Easy to Cook Foods

Yes, do not forget to bring foods with you. Other than having snacks and ready-to-eat foods, it is important to have ingredients that are easy to cook. Noodles, rice, and canned foods are some of the easy ones to cook. Yet, you can always grill meat and barbecues. Just store them in a cooler full of ice to last a day or two. Always remember to make your food safe, stored, and cold. Other than an ice box, have storage boxes for foods to keep them away from insects and wild animals.

5. Select a Good Date

Wet and cold seasons are not ideal conditions to go out to camp. It can be difficult and uncomfortable. You won’t be able to do certain outdoor activities if it is raining. It is not also a good feeling to sleep at night in the middle of the woods if it is too cold and snowy. So, choose a date to camp anywhere from summer to spring or early fall.

6. Bring Indoor Games and Outdoor Equipment

You may be camping near a river or a lake. That is a good choice if you want to fish. That said, don’t forget to bring necessary equipment and tools that you can use for activities. Even board and indoor games, such as scrabble, chess, and Go Fish cards, can also help fight boredom, especially at night or when the weather is not quite good.

7. Carry Extra Clothes

Depending on the number of days and nights, having lots of clothes is essential. You must take extra clothes, socks, and other apparels as much as possible. Do not bring accessories that are not necessary, such as jewelry and expensive watches.

9. Have Emergency and First Aid Kits

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There are other essential things to bring for camping. These mainly include flashlights, matches, maps, compasses, water, medical kits, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and insect off lotions.

10. Have Fun

Enjoy your days off or weekend camping. This is an exciting opportunity to unwind and spend time with family or friends. If this is a family trip, then it is a very great chance to spend some quality together with them.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you prepare your camping trip. These are really important for you. It involves your safety and comfort, which are both necessary. Other than that, just relax yourself and do not stress yourself too much when you are planning a camping activity.



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