10 Essential Tools for Your Home Garden

Gardening is a part of the house chores that must be regularly and thoroughly conducted. It requires maintenance since plants are objects that are considered with life. It is like taking care of pets that you must keep healthy and protected.

To make gardening jobs go productively and smoothly, it is a must to have a collection of tools necessary to accomplish such tasks. Every owner needs to have the essential tools and equipment to run or maintain a beautiful garden. What you are going to learn below are the different gardening tools that are important to keep in mind and own.

1. Gloves

One of the most basic supplies to use for gardening is a pair of gloves. Any gardener needs to protect his hands from dirt, thorns and the like. It is alright to get dirty and muddy with your hands, but there is a circumstance in which you have to use gloves, trust me. One example is when you need to pull out some grass or bushes.

2. Hand Shovel

A long shovel is good in gardening, but a hand shovel is more flexible and useful in different ways. So, ensure you have at least one hand shovel in your tool kit. This literally becomes handy when you least expect it.

3. Rake

Leaves can be fun during fall, but if it is not yet at the right time, they are considered a mess. That means you have to sweep them off by using a leaf rake. You need this kind of tool because you have to protect your plants, including grass, from the rotting status.

In fact, there are different types of rakes for gardening use. These include hand rake, leaf rake, and metal rake. You may need each one of those.

4. Water Spray

Another handy tool that is very useful in gardening is a spray bottle. Watering plants is a daily task for a garden owner. This small piece is a very special and essential tool that you must have. Some plants are small and need a controlled amount of water. This is a case when water spray becomes that more important. Besides, you do not want to waste water, because the consumption of this and efficiency are both vital.

5. Water Hose

A hose is much better and quicker to water plants. That is if you have plenty of plants to take care of. This is usually essential when plants are quite bushy and thick, too. It can take you some time if you use a spray to water those kinds of plants. Another advantage of using a hose is that you do not have to walk inch by inch since you can just water plants even from a small distance.

6. Flat Shovel

This type of shovel is different than a hand shovel. Firstly, it is longer, so it is used for a much heavier and more plenty dirt. Secondly, it is a great tool for wedding. This may be a piece of gardening tool that is not frequently used, but very beneficial whenever you need it.

7. Garden Shears

Shears is also essential in pruning and weeding. To easily help plants grow, or bear fruits or vegetables, eliminating in plants is a must. That’s when a garden shears become very useful. This is also used to cut a few inches of grass that is becoming tall and untidy in the yard.

8. Trowel

While shears is very vital in gardening, so is trowel. This is necessary in digging soil for planting. It may also be used in relocating a plant if you need to move it or put in a pot.

9. Hand Clippers

Like trowels, a pair of hand clippers is also a good tool that a gardener needs to own and use. This is very essential and necessary, too. It helps you control in cutting a very tiny part of a stem, leaf, or even a thin trunk.

10. Lawn Mower

One thing a gardener must not forget to have is a mower. This is a machine that makes your yard looks beautiful and tidy. It is also the right equipment needed for a larger space of garden.

Before you even create a garden, these ten tools and equipment must be collected and stored in your garage or garden tool house. Each and every piece of these tools is very essential in making your gardening more productive and efficient.



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