10 DIY Decorations for Living Room

If you have more space and less décors, these do-it-yourself (DIY) items are absolutely ideal to make in no time! Let’s learn some of the easiest but beautiful decorations you can display and showcase in your living room.

1. Sofa Cushions

A living room is empty without the sofa, and this furniture won’t be as beautiful without pillows. Instead of buying ready-made pillows, make your own with your creative style and personal preference. It is better that you use recyclable items. So, get your old clothes, or even curtains, and use those as the main cover to create pillows. Fill in the cushions with cut fabrics that have been also used. Make sure to sew each pillow properly and add lace on the edge for a more stunning result.

2. Wreaths

Your front door is a part of the living room. This must have a décor, too. The usual display on the door is wreath, but do not grab anything from a local store. Make your own door wreath or two for the indoor part with cheap or recycled materials. Just a wiring or a foam in ring shape and attach fake flowers and leaves, not the real ones because they will dry and decay after a few days. You can add other items to vary the look of the wreath. You may even want to hang a piece of thin, light wood that is carved with your family name or a common phrase like “God bless our home”.

3. Birthday Reminder

Get a plank of thick, long wood and attach thinner and lighter pieces of wood or other material in round or square shapes. The main wood should have a carving of “Birthday” or “Family Birthday”, while the small pieces are engraved with the first names and birthdates of your family members and relatives.

4. Wall Decal

Wallpaper may have been very common and overrated. At these modern days, a decal is a much better option to use. It is more stylish and more stunning, which makes the room a lot cozier and elegant. You do not have to hire a professional interior designer to help you have a room decal. You can make your creative and beautiful piece of decals for your living room wall. Just have the necessary tools, but create a design that does not only provide a good result, but also matches the overall interior style of your house, especially the living room, and reflects your personality or what your family looks like.

5. Table Centerpiece

The table in the living room is essential and useful in many ways. However, do not just set a table without any décor on it. Have a DIY centerpiece that makes the table more interesting. You can use a décor for centerpiece that is made of old paper material, such as newspapers and magazines.

6. Customized Picture Frames

Photo frames are a traditional form of display in a house. This is another item that you can create as a DIY project. You buy partially made picture frames or plain frames that do not have designs at all and you just accentuate them as you would like. You can glue glass, beads and other small materials to make frames more decorative and personal.

7. Bamboo Float

Get a plastic bottle or even a glass jar that you are not using anymore. Recycle it to make another centerpiece that you can display on the table or on top of a cabinet in your living room. Fill in the jar or bottle with clean water and put some bamboo shoots, the small ones. Add some colorful and sparkling marbles in the bottle, too, for an eye-catching effect.

8. Wall Plates

You may want to use a few of your plates for display purposes. Extra plates you have, especially those that you rarely use, can be used as living room décors. What you need to do is to hang or glue them on the wall for an art piece. Make sure that you choose plates with beautiful prints, so when they are mounted on the wall, they give a wonderful outcome.

9. Hanging Shells

Shells of crabs and mussels are cheap materials to use for decorations. You can pick up as many as you can in a nearby seashore and put them altogether in a string to make a great room décor, which you can hang on the ceiling of the living room. You may also create a few ones to hang near the door.

10. Old Disc Records

Check your drawer and cabinet to see some of the old discs you have or your parents used to have. Make them useful again by displaying them on the wall of your living room. Even the discs that cannot be played any longer, most particularly the albums of once famous artists, can be used as a room décor.

Decorations for home use do not have to be expensive. This means that do not waste some minutes of your time looking for décors in a local or antique store and bills from your wallet if you can use some recycle items and cheap materials. Like the suggested DIY ten decorations above, creating items from scraps or scratch is an easy and money-saving project you can do at home to make your house, especially the living room, more interesting and beautiful.



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